Slowing down- compiling my stories

Sorry for not posting for awhile. I’m taking some time to start compiling these and get them in some sort of book form to send off. Found this little ditty, thought you might enjoy…


It must have been this glimpse of Jerry’s vulnerability that prompted the neighborhood kids to proceed with the plan. Perhaps in numbers we could take down the giant. Everyone present either had a direct cause for revenge or was acting preemptively in an act of rationalized self defense. The plan was fool proof, we had seen it on Gilligan’s Island. Two kids would hide in the tree with a blanket, three kids would hide behind the house with sticks and boards and I was to act as bait. My job was to taunt Jerry and get him to chase me under the tree, the two sitting on branches were to drop on top of him and catch him in the “net” and then everyone would jump on top of him and beat him- sounded good. No problem with getting Jerry to chase me, he had been looking for any opportunity for payback. As I rounded the corner, running like a rabbit being chased by a greyhound, I darted for the shade of the tree. It wasn’t until I was on the sidewalk that I dared to glimpse back and was surprised to see that Jerry had stopped. He was standing motionless hunched like a large cat, peering into the tree with black beady eyes. At that instant I knew I only had one shot and ran as fast as I could in the other direction. Everyone on the ground scattered but the two up in the tree were caught, trapped by an angry giant with a cast on his arm.

About Kelli K.

The purpose for staring this blog is threefold, one, to push my personal limits a bit and share my story with others, two, hopefully in doing so, to get a clearer understanding of myself and three, to inspire the youth with similar stories to keep going. My story is weird. I’ve seen the response on people’s faces my entire life. I am fairly guarded on what and how I share with people but I have decided I’m too old give a fuck anymore. As I’ve said, my story is weird, but only parts. Many parts are very normal. Hopefully this blog will allow me to introduce myself in a way that reflects my many angles (and curves) and refuses to let you walk away and peg me as, “the girl who did this” or “the girl who did that”.
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