Black Heart Fades Blue

So, these came out a few months ago. They are heartbreaking and really quite good. Jerry is a very good writer, sucks you right in with really over the top tales that I only realized were over the top years later. I’ve read much but not all, have to put it down and change it up often. I did recognize that because we were sometimes separated due to the co-parenting, we have different fucked up accounts of the same time, different place. Poverty imposes the same variables where ever you are; unsafe food poor communities of substandard housing, inadequate childcare and under-resourced schools. These conditions create a fucking hard cycle to get out of and I’m thrilled that these books are not a suicide note but a story of survival. His transition to the artist he is today is evident in these stories. Way to go Jerry.

I grew up with a brother who became one of the most notorious punks around. He was quite a mean fucker sometimes but not most of the time. I love the pic on book 1, it was taken pre me. Really cute. Much cuter than book 2s cover. Buy these books, he’s got a mortgage now.

About Kelli K.

The purpose for staring this blog is threefold, one, to push my personal limits a bit and share my story with others, two, hopefully in doing so, to get a clearer understanding of myself and three, to inspire the youth with similar stories to keep going. My story is weird. I’ve seen the response on people’s faces my entire life. I am fairly guarded on what and how I share with people but I have decided I’m too old give a fuck anymore. As I’ve said, my story is weird, but only parts. Many parts are very normal. Hopefully this blog will allow me to introduce myself in a way that reflects my many angles (and curves) and refuses to let you walk away and peg me as, “the girl who did this” or “the girl who did that”.
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