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Smoke on the Water

Scanning the channels, the signal pauses on an old metal station: Iron Man- Black Sabbath. My husband secures the scan and asks, “I wonder if he’s really talking about Iron Man,” and fades into his secret comic book world. I … Continue reading

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With Intensity and Purpose

Artwork by my youngest angel

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Little Tragedies

This shit kept me sane. Little Tragedies by the Avengers- covered by the Puritans (1998), my band.

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Evil Meets Crazy

The hopped up muscle car came careening to a stop on the wet pavement. Mel left the car running and the cassette tape blaring as she jumped out and covered the remaining distance to the front door on foot. Van … Continue reading

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My World String

It was one of those rare moments in life when the boundaries of the dimensions blur, a forbidden glimpse into the ‘what comes next’. Similar to how LSD allowed the cross talk in my brain to see music and hear … Continue reading

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Emotional Manipulation

When I was about nine we owned a cute little hamster. Mel had bought some yummy hamster treats that looked like chocolate stars. She set me up and told me to try and feed my dad one as a joke. … Continue reading

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Birth Order- The Third

The huge snowflakes hit the ground at a terminal velocity that demonstrated that they were as heavy as they could possibly be. The completely white sky indicated that this was just the beginning and that this storm would most likely … Continue reading

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Birth Order- The Second and the First

In January of 1967 Jim Morrison taunted us to Break On Through to the Other Side, and so I did. It wasn’t the intent of the lyrics, I know, but I’ve always thanked my own kids for choosing me as … Continue reading

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Birth Order- The First

Birth order theory attempts to assign particular personality traits to children in a family specifically due to one’s chronological placement in the social structure. Since it’s inception, the theory has been adopted and molded but still remains relevant and fairly … Continue reading

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Miss Boyce

I rushed through the door with tears in my eyes.  It was a small lab where Mom had landed a job making the finishing adjustments to dental pieces, dentures and bridges and such.  It was the middle of the day … Continue reading

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