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Winter Months

The house was small and decrepit, about 900 square feet, I suppose. The main room was a combined living room and dining area, large enough for a matching plush couch and love seat and a small wrought iron and red … Continue reading

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Back Off- the Puritans

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My Father’s Funeral

I’ve been trying to write about my dad for a while but haven’t been able. I know how close you have to allow yourself to get to the past to conjure up the heart to write, and the ask of … Continue reading

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Splash Extra Holy Water

Religion in our household was an interesting endeavor. My mother was raised strictly Catholic in a small Montana town where as my father’s family was energetically American Pentecostal. My mother’s parents were devout even though the church would not recognize … Continue reading

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Who’s Anthony?

Although he was married seven times, he only fathered children with my mother. With one of his last wives, he did adopt a young kid. It was her grandson whom they decided to adopt when the mother was incarcerated. None … Continue reading

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Like My Dad’s Wives

In 2008 at my former place of employment, my friend Pat was in charge of training us new hires in our electronic grading/communications system. He mentioned that the system would only be around for another year. I remember his confusion … Continue reading

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Killing Tina

Until I reached high school, I would spend part of my summers with Dad and whichever wife he was married to at the time. From first grade to fifth, this would have been Mel the crazy wife who loved fast … Continue reading

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Once I Ran

I think there’s a story here, I just need to develop it a bit. I escaped from a home when I was 13. It was a “holding” place for juveniles. I was picked up when a friend was involved in … Continue reading

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The Season of the Witch

I’ve always found it quite difficult, being a freak and living in the real world. Freak is a bit harsh more like dark strange. I was never a goth, but mostly wear black all of the time. I laugh the … Continue reading

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Poison Idea

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while; what’s missing. Of course it is has to be my years going to shows and watching my favorite band, Poison Idea. Music and going to shows has been one of my … Continue reading

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