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A True Ghost Story

My mother got sober in 1982, after hitting her “low.” She totaled her car in Oakland, but has a difficult time filling in the blanks between living in Portland and her car being wrapped around a pole in California. She … Continue reading

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The Cornelius Hotel

I was quick to pack up my belongings and sleeping bag and vacate the apartment before anyone would come by to check. Because I valued the space, I was certain to maintain the illusion of a vacant apartment and I … Continue reading

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The Summer of Awakening and Loss

When the Greyhound arrived in Deer Lodge my grandparents were not there to meet me. After walking the 20 or so blocks to their house, I realized that my mother had neglected to contact them regarding my visit. After trying … Continue reading

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Like the Wealthy Boycotting Walmart

It was the summer between my seventh and eighth grades years, the summer before the shit hit the fan. Mom was working at the Hooper Detox Center downtown Portland, where the paddy wagon would round the drunks off of the … Continue reading

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Evel Knievel

Jason had one arm wrapped around the toilet and the other wrapped around the dog. He was crying, vomiting and lamenting about his step sister losing the clothes from his Evel Knievel doll. “Honey, Je’re stole my Evel Knievel clothes … Continue reading

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The Demon in My Arms

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The DTs

Although many of these stories focus on the devastating effect my parents’ drug use and alcoholism had on us three kids growing up, it’s just as sad to look at my mother and recognize how deeply her alcoholism affected her … Continue reading

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The Day We Set Wanda’s Couch on Fire

In 1973 it was common to call Native American people Indians. We lived in Montana and demographics always included a large percentage of Native American families. In my stories I refer to Native American’s as Indians, because it holds true … Continue reading

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You’re Lost, Tell Me Who Are You?

Obviously I admire the artistic prowess of my family from a distance

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Fuck One Day at a Time

Because my mother was in and out of sobriety and my father remained solidly out throughout our entire childhood, it was common that mom would schlep us off to Alateen so that we would have a clearer understanding of the … Continue reading

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