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Poison Idea

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while; what’s missing. Of course it is has to be my years going to shows and watching my favorite band, Poison Idea. Music and going to shows has been one of my … Continue reading

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I wanted to take a moment to write to my younger sisters and brothers. I am enjoying a significant birthday this year. I wanted to share whatever small amount of wisdom I can muster. 50 is good, a little creakier, … Continue reading

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Whittaker Creek

My daughter has reminded me, every day for the past week, that we must go back to school shopping. As the excitement of the new year begins to sprout in her mind, I close my eyes hard and reach for … Continue reading

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An Encounter With Winter

Clouds descending o’er the hills A blanket, cold and white The bite of winter gives me chills I must be home tonight   The woods have shed their autumn reds, And every tree is bare; For summer’s cloak has long … Continue reading

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Smoke on the Water

Scanning the channels, the signal pauses on an old metal station: Iron Man- Black Sabbath. My husband secures the scan and asks, “I wonder if he’s really talking about Iron Man,” and fades into his secret comic book world. I … Continue reading

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Life in a Tee-Pee

We moved a lot when I was a kid. Conflict resolution typically came in the form of leaving town. Most years we started a new school, some years we’d stay for two. Sometimes we’d come home from school and the other … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution 2015

It’s not that I HATE New Year’s Resolutions necessarily but rather it’s more accurate to say that I’m really bad at them and because of this, I tend to ignore them. When I have made resolutions in the past, I … Continue reading

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Suspicious of the Fat Man in a Red Suit

Originally posted on Raised By Wolves (I Wish):
Our aunt was insistent that someone was on the roof and other adults in the room kept guessing that it must be Santa. True, there was some sort of a ruckus going…

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The Blue Angels

I was once in a gang. It was an accident. For Christmas, 1979, I received a bitchin’ yellow jacket with Egyptian blue accent stripes on each shoulder and graduated blue stripes on the back. It must have been a sale … Continue reading

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Her Own Truth

As stated, her story is not my own, so I will say no more.  

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