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Copper Penny

When I was about eleven, Jerry came home with a box of product and asked if I would help him bleach his hair. It was the first time he had dyed his hair, and after laying out the contents of … Continue reading

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I Have Been Blessed

When I was twenty-two I nearly destroyed my knee in a hurdling accident. I like that, hurdling accident; it’s not one of the more common references one might use like car accident or skiing accident. It’s more in line with … Continue reading

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Road Runner

I have learned to embrace the adjective “crazy” that those closest would effortlessly use in describing me. In prior stories I have differentiated between “good crazy” and “bad crazy” and hope that for the most part I fall into the … Continue reading

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Trudging Slowly

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Birth Order- The Third

The huge snowflakes hit the ground at a terminal velocity that demonstrated that they were as heavy as they could possibly be. The completely white sky indicated that this was just the beginning and that this storm would most likely … Continue reading

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