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Before I entered high school, the longest I had stayed at any school consecutively was 2 years, but most typically I moved to a new school every year. I knew I had no power in the decision to move and … Continue reading

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Old Guy Staring Out the Open Window

artwork by my amazing son

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The Cornelius Hotel

I was quick to pack up my belongings and sleeping bag and vacate the apartment before anyone would come by to check. Because I valued the space, I was certain to maintain the illusion of a vacant apartment and I … Continue reading

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Fish Sticks Went Flying

artwork by my youngest angel

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The Night the Oven Blew Me Across the Room

The house was always freezing. An ethereal draft continually ran though the house and up our spines. Although she never showed herself, we always expected to see “the lady” down the hallway or around the corner, which kept my muscles … Continue reading

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I Surveyed the Surroundings From My Horizontal Position

Artwork by my youngest angel

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The Epic Cherry Drop

The clear sky was so out of place for an Oregon spring day. My limited vision sanctioned only one small central circle in the entire cloudless skyscape.  The high frequency waves that made their way through the small opening to … Continue reading

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