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My Heart Tried Desperately to Come Up My Throat

  Artwork by my amazing son

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With Complete Trust My Eyes Fixed on His

So I guess I exaggerated when I said that no one in the neighborhood could outrun me, to my deepest annoyance and highest anxieties, Jerry could. There were so many times when I needed to run away from the one … Continue reading

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He laughed at me, in a best friend sort of way

We lived in some pretty shady places growing up, the cheapest housing always brings the poor, the addicted, the desperate and the hoards of children together. Not a great combination when you’re a kid. We subdivide our kids in standardized … Continue reading

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If Anyone Was Going to Die, It Would Be Bob

Come on… you knew this was coming… There was such incongruence with the ideas that I couldn’t get them to fit together in my head. I was pretty sure from my Catholic upbringing that suicide was an unforgiveable sin, but … Continue reading

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“It will be ok”

My mind is strong but my spirit is stronger.  My mind is usually good to me, but on occasion can be a real asshole and drag me down. Regularly, my ego confuses me by imitating my spirit and together with … Continue reading

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