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Mel Practiced Crazy

        My first stepmother was crazy. I say this with through a smile and a grimace, as there is a dichotomy in the practice of crazy. Crazy can really fuck you up and crazy is what makes life worth living. … Continue reading

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We Would Gather Their Beautiful Feathers Through the Fence

artwork by me

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The Day We Set Wanda’s Couch on Fire

In 1973 it was common to call Native American people Indians. We lived in Montana and demographics always included a large percentage of Native American families. In my stories I refer to Native American’s as Indians, because it holds true … Continue reading

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You’re Lost, Tell Me Who Are You?

Obviously I admire the artistic prowess of my family from a distance

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Fuck One Day at a Time

Because my mother was in and out of sobriety and my father remained solidly out throughout our entire childhood, it was common that mom would schlep us off to Alateen so that we would have a clearer understanding of the … Continue reading

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Family Snapshot- Mom and Me

Artwork by my amazing son. I asked him draw a simple picture of two girls fighting, one on top of the other. He is not reading my posts.

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Honor Your Mother and Father

This one is difficult. Living with our parents’ alcoholism and drug use was a real drag (definitely pulling my punches). The end result was a whole lot of abuse and neglect. I read somewhere that children of abuse grow up … Continue reading

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A Big Loud Rat

Artwork by my amazing son.

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Welcome to Oregon

We arrived in Portland in record time. It was fairly early in the evening, probably around six  or seven. Of course, in 1978, Portland was a very different place but to all of us it was a magical place, a … Continue reading

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