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We Communed With the Ramones Until Our Batteries Died

It was the close of my 5th grade year. I remember mom announcing, once again, that we would be moving within the next week or so. With all of our belongings packed in black plastic garbage bags and the cars … Continue reading

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I Love Lawrence Welk

I love Lawrence Welk and find it difficult to explain to people. If I am unable to watch a Saturday night episode, which really isn’t that likely- that is truly what we’ve been reduced to, then I will record it … Continue reading

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Jerry and Kelli stuck on a bridge

Artwork by my amazing son

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“Don’t forget to walk the dog”

In 1972 my mother had decided to leave my father. She was tired of him not coming home and spending most evenings at the bar. She had warned him a number of times prior but he wasn’t stopping her, wanting … Continue reading

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I Did a Quick Stint in Juvenile Delinquent Hall

(art by Edward Gorey) I did a quick stint in Juvenile Delinquent Hall when I was in eighth grade. I like to say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’m finding it difficult remembering when … Continue reading

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My Motivation for Writing

I’ve had a number of people write with words of encouragement as I start this blog. The support has been amazing and I am so thankful that you are reading. I felt a need to write and express my gratitude … Continue reading

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My Stepmother Liked to Race Trains

Originally posted on Raised By Wolves (I Wish):
I had a stepmother who liked to race trains. We would be at the caboose of the train and she would floor it. Her ’72 Roadrunner would thunder down the road while…

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Swollen Shut

Trying to escape the sweltering house, Jerry and I laid out blankets in the front lawn under the dining room window. Jason and Je’re were asleep in their shared bedroom and rather than Jerry sleeping on his couch and me … Continue reading

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Hot Summer Days- 1976

When I was in third grade we lived in Eugene, Oregon at the base of a long hill on Washington Street. The slope eased about a block from our house at the edge of Washington Park, a large 2-square block … Continue reading

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Double Feature: Alice in Wonderland and Papillion

When I was in first grade I saw that Alice in Wonderland was playing at the local theater. I asked my mom to drop my friend and I off to see the movie – she agreed. We got our tickets, … Continue reading

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